who i am?

               It's since in 2003 that I started exercising my passion through many internships as an interior architect.


               Therefore it's with the same fervor that I spent my baccalaureate in Applied Arts and then I went in the best schools in Paris in the field of design (Ecole Boulle, ENSAD). Very quickly I opened a first company which allowed me to learn rigor and organization.

               Today it is in Poland and around the world that I want to share my passion.

Why choose me?

                 Each project is different. It's a new challenge every time! And that's what I like! I like new challenges! But I also like to surprise people with new ideas. My background gives me a different look from others. A space must be functional and practical, it's its first aim, however it's quite different to make it friendly and warm.


                 In all my projects I want to bring a fragrance of elegance, a touch of French luxury and conviviality through materials and textures. My ultimate aim is the comfort and the well-being of customers in their home. We should enjoy be back home and appreciate our interior!


              Each piece of furniture, each object, each texture, each color must be chosen with particular care because this choice produce the needed harmony.


              I work on apartments, houses, resorts, shops/storefront and public spaces .


My artistic job...

         I am listening to customers. I take note of needs, wishes, budget and constraints.

          I propose some sketches, plans and draws that are required in order to have a first visual approach to the project. This phase, which is above all very creative, allows the client to have a new vision of his project.



             I am refining the project according to the constraints, the wishes and the confirmed budget of the client. At the end of the phase the mains lines of the project are adopted.

It's time to get started on the complete detailed file. This includes plans, a plan for each body of state, detailed plans to 5cm / m, a description, and a price list with quantitative. This file will allow companies to quantify the completion of work on the basis of the same project.


                 site following-up and realization!!! =)



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